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The cosplay is costume and playing, shows that playing the role of his characters (hero video games, manga or movies). It is imitate their costumes, their hair (with a wig) and their makeup. This is the United States that the idea of ​​playing fictional characters, especially in the '70s and '80s, with "Masquerades" devoted to imitations of characters from Star Wars or Star trek.

cosplay in Japan

It was in the 90s that cosplay took on a larger scale in Japan with conventions, such as "World Cosplay Summit". Organized by the Japanese television in Nagoya, Japan, this event brought together representatives from several countries since its inception in 2003. This Japanese impregnation that cosplay was quickly placed in the category of manga. Cosplay movement has also been popularized by singer Gwen Stephani in 2004 with the Harajuku Girls. Harajuku is also the name of the former Olympic district of Tokyo, became the undisputed center of fashion and a pole for all alternative crops, and it is also the name of the movement that includes cosplay.

Their world is not far from these games play roles that have existed for over three decades now. Embodying characters, set situations, these players base their game on a fantasy that there is no winner or loser, participating in a story, interpreting a role and by changing their character.

The most cosplay scene in Europe

The main stage of Japan Expo is the biggest stage cosplay Europe as saying that the cosplayers benefit to give you a show worthy of the name! Far from being reserved to the impressive characters who parade on the main stage, the cosplay phenomenon also brings together budding cosplayers and all those who want to see their costumes. Beyond the main stage, cosplay invaded the festival and gives the appearance of a carnival alleys where roam hundreds of characters straight out of your manga, video games or anime favorites. Last year, the cosplay radiated on the main stage with performances every day, including two cosplay shows during which benefits have succeeded, leaving the talent and creativity of cosplayers from delight audiences of the main stage.

The European Cosplay Gathering

10 countries, 33 cosplayers, more than 15,000 spectators, the final of European Cosplay Gathering brought together the best European cosplayers and fans of the discipline, with all cosplayers as motivated each other to the idea of ​​representing his country. Between spectacular costumes and lighting scenes, the representatives of Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, and the United Kingdom and of Switzerland have all given their best to represent their country. After this grand finale, it was the French, as a group, and the German representative, solo, who won the contest. For this new season, a new country joins the cosplay competition: Poland.

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