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We will be closed from the 28th April 2019 to 06th May 2019, include, for the Golden week Holiday.



The Golden Week is a national Holiday Week that includes 4 public holidays between the 29th April and the 5th May.

April 29: The Shōwa Emperor Birthday

May 03: The Constitution Memorial Day

May 04: The Greenery Day

May 05: The Children’s Day


As the 29th of May is a Monday, the previous week-end is include in the Golden Week.

This year, The emperor Akihito is scheduled to abdicate on the April 30, followed by the ascension to the throne of his successor on the 1st May which become a holiday. According to the law, a day between two public holidays also becomes a holiday, so the 30th of April and the 2nd of May are holidays too.

Also according to the law, a public holiday on Sunday, is reported on the next non-holiday day, the Monday 6th May becomes a holiday.

Thereby, unusually this year the Golden Week will reach a sequence of 10 days, from the 27th April to the 6th May.


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