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Pirate stories often portray courageous or cruel pirates, murderers or greedy adventurers, all masters of the seas. Pirate stories embark on an adventure to the confines of history and all the seas. The portrait of pirates and privateers fascinate children, the carnival, eye patch, sword, are quick to embark on exciting adventures and imaginary.

The first figurines portrait of pirates Sailing again

Like many big fans of One Piece, it is difficult to resist the temptation to introduce new figures portrait of pirates Sailing Again by MegaHouse. Figurines Sailing Again featured characters environmental One Piece two years later. The One Piece figure out the month of January this portrait of pirates is a woman that we know well, but Zorro knows better: Perona. It is thus seen with a new look: white and black dress accompanied by a new hat, also with a new hairstyle and a very well face, and also how is the dress which is represented in the same manga. The only drawback at the physical is his right hand that serves little purpose, which affects the quality of the model.

However, the fact of seeing Kumashi hold (the bear zombie Perona) makes lively and funny portrait of pirates figure, this bear is still (and always) 'gagged' by his mistress. The presence of two ghosts alongside Perona has also bring another form of humor, a spirit represented by firing another language and grinning (the features of these ghosts are diversified, which can be a plus). The big negative that we can blame the rods are used to keep levitating ghosts and immediately attract the eye.

Books and comics portrait of pirates

What is more recent, however, is the extension of the phenomenon with the books, and comics. The provision of books digitized portrait of pirates, in this case, is not necessarily apparent on large sharing sites Stream, such as The Pirate Bay or Mininova. Among all these books portrait of pirates, some have not been scanned by small teams linked to a sharing site. The reality is not so simple ... Indeed, these small groups reflexes librarians classify books portrait of pirates according to their relevance, create folders so developed, and it is difficult to consider this simply activist groups want to "bring down the capitalist system." Instead, these groups seem to consider the books of portrait of pirates according to their intrinsic qualities, not according to their commercial value.

Books and disadvantages

Apparently, the link seems obvious to some, between piracy and the crisis of industries including dematerialization is possible, is not so obvious. But this is hardly new: piracy, regarding technical books, particularly those affecting the computer, is a fairly recent phenomenon. They are made less visible sites on which it is possible to access by invitation of a member, and the number but also the quality of portrait of pirates books digitized by these small teams is truly impressive.

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