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Japanese manga deals with very extensive and varied subjects, and one of the favorite subjects in this category anime as “Revoltech”. For fans are no longer present, but for newcomers. And all the most famous series have also received their derivatives, the action figures. Revoltech is a popular series of animated figurines Kaiyodo. They are very detailed, articulated and are often accompanied by a display base. The models are based on characters and robots of all brands and franchises, Transformers Evangelion, Zoids like the Blade Liger and Geno Breaker, etc.

"The" revoltech

A revoltech is a category of plastic action figure was inspired by a cartoon, manga or movie. revoltech word is a portmanteau (or to put it simply the combination of two words) for "revolver technology" to refer to very characteristic "joint revolver" that is common to all models manufactured in this category anime figurine. This technique gives better handling these figures, we can have a wide range of motion and stability, it allows the owner to have a wider variety of dynamic poses. The revoltech are mostly inspired robots and anime characters, video games, anime, tokusatsu, but also movies.

The output will be for the next revoltech July 2013 in its range SCI-FI mythical ship Thunderbird 2 is from the series dating back to 1965 Thunderbirds.) The famous vehicle piloted by Virgil Tracy is a length of 21cm and a green metallic. According to the series, it will be accompanied by fourth Thunderbird vehicle: mini yellow submarine.

The peculiarity of the revoltech

Note that the revoltech figures are not toys for children. This is especially true collectibles for fans of adult manga and anime. It is also one of the reasons why a revoltech is always accompanied by many additional pieces of very small in each box of parts that cannot be handled by children as too risky for them. The main producer of these figures is the Japanese manufacturer Kaiyodo is really famous in this area. Especially for some of its products which have been very successful, such as the collection "Mr. Bome" which features female characters from anime and manga.

How to get it?

The fastest way would obviously be to find a shop that specializes in the production of revoltech figures. The problem is that there is not as much as you might think in Europe. This is because the companies that produce them are in Japan, and secondly the fact that purists much prefer them to come directly from Japan, which has helped to make a purchase on the Internet so of essential tradition in the middle. This is the best way to avoid being in possession of revoltech counterfeit products. But beware, you must know how to choose the website. You will have the opportunity to find the latest releases, including Japan, including all the details of a product that is not yet out and buy your revoltech.

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