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Whenever evil spreads over the world, warriors of hope appear. Wearing a Cloth belonging to constellations, they are fighting spanking explode their energy contained in their body, "Cosmos". These are the warriors defending the love and justice on Earth. These are the Saints, saint seiya! Knights Bronze: Seiya shiriu, Hyoga, Shun and Ikki are dedicated to Saori Kido, reincarnation of the goddess Athena. Their mission is to save the Earth from evil.

The beginning of saint seiya

This long-awaited end will finally reveal the real issues of the story. The invisible enemy from previous seasons is finally depicted as Hades. Athena and his saint seiya knights of bronze, will use all their intelligence and their powers to permanently preserve the peace which is so expensive. Love, friendship, unwavering mind, the hero of the cult series are the delight of fans for generations.

The saint seiya adventures begin when they will battle the Sanctuary against the Pope who is none other than the Golden Knight Gemini Saga and continue in Asgard where Poseidon took possession of the spirit of Princess Hilda of Polaris. This battle won, they go to the submarine and the Sanctuary of Poseidon Hades. The Hades Chapter is the rest of the season and the last of Poseidon on the history of saint seiya. In summary, the story takes place half in the sanctuary of Athena and the Kingdom of Hades. The saint seiya story told here is a holy war between the forces of the dark realm of the dead monarch of the defenders of right and justice that are the saints of Athena.

Saint Seiya Omega summary

March tries to grab an infant, Koga, hands Saori reincarnation of the goddess Athena, protector of Earth, but failed due to the intervention of Seiya, became the new Knight Gold Sagittarius, which disappears with him. Thirteen years later, the young boy became an apprentice knight under the tutelage of Shaina, Knight money Ophiuchus. Like his older Seiya at the same age, Koga is rebellious and does not tolerate injustice. Knight became the result of bronze Pegasus, he must again face the god Mars who wants to dominate the world and takes it to Saori. Accompanied by his friends, the other Bronze Saints have sworn to protect the goddess Athena, Koga must overcome to save Saori and the world, and discover the bond that unites Seiya is.

Saint Seiya The next will not come out until 2014

Saint Seiya The Movie is produced by the director Keiichi Satou and writer Tomohiro Suzuki, based on the original screenplay by Masami Kurumada. It is too little, but that's all we know about this film. As announced in 2011, next saint seiya finally released in 2014 in Japan. It's been over two years since a short teaser taught us that saint seiya movie made in CGI was being prepared, but thanks to the latest financial results of Toei Animation, we discover that this feature film will not be released before next year.

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