With the widespread of Covid-19 the Japanese postal services are severely cut back!
Please be sure to check if your country is still eligible for delivery:
https://www.post.japanpost.jp/ 2020-11-27
Please stay safe everyone !




This new shipping method is about using our Logistic Partner in France who will forward our orders in all the European Union Countries.

With this process we are aiming :
- A delivery under 8-10 days from Japan

- Priority delivery

- A Delivery 100 % Duty Free and 100% Legal

- An attractive price

- A better package Handling (Physical Damage , lost, steal)

- 2 Delivery Type  Standard and Express available

What we are planning to do  is to group the orders from our clients( at least one time per week) which choose this shipping method and send them in  a cargo-plane to our logistic partner in France , our partner will be charged to deliver orders in all europe  (Schengen Area only outside DOM-TOM and Switzerland).

Depending of the shipping method choosed once in France your order will be deliver in 24h (Express) and between 48-72H (Standard)

Delivery can be done by:

- Colissimo International


- Correos


- Chronopost

- DPD 

- Socolissimo

Transi-logistic Standard and Express will be done by : 

For France

- Colissimo Expert (Standard)

- Chronopost (Express)

- Socolissimo (Relay Point new delivery method)


- DHL (Standard and Express)

- Colissimo Europe (Relay Point)


Netherland and Belgium

- DPD (Standard)

- UPS (Express)

- Colissimo Europe (Relay Point)


- DPD (Standard no Express shipping)

- Colissimo Europe (Relay Point)

Italy , Austria 

- DPD (Standard)

- Chronopost (Express)


- Correos (Standard)

- Chronopost(Express)

- Colissimo Europe (Relay Point)

Portugal , Sweden , Denmark , Estonia , Finland , Greece , Hungary, Lithuania , Latvia, Malta , Czech republic , Slovakia , Slovenia , Ireland , Iceland 

- Colissimo (Standard)

- Chronopost (Express)


We would like to specifiy that our Logistic Partner is a professional in packing specialized in Fragile products with his experience we guarantee that your product will be handle and pack with all the attention needed for collector products

Please note that the delivery estimate time can change depending of the destination.


Additional information about the shipping

- Every Thursday there will be a Transit-logistic shipping.

- Any orders made Monday before 9am (Japenese Time) will be ship on Thursday of the same week

- Any orders made Monday after 9am (Japanese time) will be ship on Thursday of the week after.

To meet European regulations , The VAT is included in the order

Nippon-yasan.com reserves the right to advance or delay the transit-logistic shipping


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