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We are introducing our new system for giving discount
Many of our customers were asking for this, now we are able to present you a system that we think will please you.

How does it work
Simple, to have a discount you need to earn Discount Points
- Discounts points are given for a paid and shipped order 
- Products starting from and every 5000 Yen entitle you to one discount point.
Example : You bought a product for 10000 Yen, the system will process it like this :
10000 Yen is twice 5000Yen so you will earn 2 Discount Points.
- When you reach 10 Discount Points you are entitled to request a discount code that you can use on your next order

* The DP is lost if you Combine/Split an Order.

- When you are requesting a discount all the current DP are used.



How many percent would my discount code be?

Depending on many factors the pourcentage of your discount can vary :
- How many orders you paid and have been shipped since this discount system has been implimented
- How many orders you cancelled
- How many Experience Points you have (Experience Points will be explained in the next point)
- What Rank you are on the website (this will aslo be explained in the next point)
How do I get Experience Points ?
To get experience points you need to have an order paid and shipped (no minimum amount)
Example : You paid for a product 3000 yen and it was shipped, this will give you one experience point. The system will process it like this : 1 order ship = 1 experience point
There will be some product that will award Bonus Experience Points, those products will be announced at a later time.

How to I get a higher Rank ?
Your rank will get higher when you reach a certain amount of Experience Points
Please keep in mind that your rank will affect the discount percentage our team will decide to give you.


 5 . Additional information

- If the discount code is used on a pre order and this pre order gets cancelled the code is lost permanently
- A discount code is valid for 6 months after that it will be automatically cancelled

- Orders made before we introduce the system and not shipped yet won't be getting DP only EXP we will still take them in consideration when you ask for a discount code

- You cannot use more than one discount code on an order

- When you use a discount code on a order,  you will not earn any discount point

- A discount code is valid only once

- It is not possible to cumulate discount code, as only one discount code will be given at a time.

- Whenever you can request a discount code the button « Summon discount power » will become available. Our team will then review the informations of your account and will send you your code when the decision is made. The code will be available in the discount code page in your account and you will also receive a notification email.


6. Account Cards


Everytime you level up (rank up) You will have to choose an account Card with which you can use to customize your account.

 At a later time we will also add special cards depending on the products you buy.

We hope that the new discount system will please you

If you need any additional information please feel free to open a ticket via our Nippon-Yasan.Com contact page.


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