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Frequently ask questions

1. Account Information

How to create an account on Nippon-yasan? How to buy on Nippon-yasan? 

To buy on the website you will have to create an account. To create an account, you will have to go on “sign in”, the section create an account and follow the different steps. 

I cannot access to my account, why? 

You cannot access to your account for multiples reasons. You made a mistake in your email address or your password, your account has been closed due to a paypal dispute , chargeback or too many cancellations. 

Can I have multiples account?

We do not allow customers to have more than one account. More than one account, the other account will be automatically closed. Repeated attempts to create multiple accounts to bypass order limits, etc. may result in cancellation of all orders/ pre orders and/or permanent banning from our store.

My account is closed, I want to close my account?  

You can ask the closure of your account, please send us a ticket using our contact’s page.  Your account can be close for those following reasons: 

- many accounts opened,

- paypal dispute, chargeback,

- fraudulent account

2. Order

How long does it take to process my order?

It can take up to 3-4 days to process an order.

The status of my order/pre order is canceled?

The pre order/order has been canceled for the following reasons: 

- a notification of payment was sent but we did not received your payment,

- the order has been automatically canceled due to the default of stock.

How can I combine & Split?

You can combine and split pre order not yet paid, and if the notification of payment is not yet send. You will have to do it inside your account. We cannot combine and split for you. 

Can I change the shipping address & the shipping method?

Yes it’s possible before the payment. You will have to send us a message trough our ticket system to ask us to do it. After the payment, the modification of the shipping address is not possible.

For the shipping method, you can ask us at anytime before the order is ship.

My order have different release date or pre order and stock product.

All the orders with items in stock ordered with an item in pre order will be sent with the pre order. It the same for a pre order with products release at different time. The pre order will be send after the release of the last product

Can I use a discount code for a pre order not pay?

You can use a discount code for a pre order not pay. Go inside your account, inside the pre order. Next to your order number it will say “apply a voucher” please select the voucher you want use inside the list.


3. Payment

Is your website is secure to make a payment? 

Yes, our website is secure for the payment.

SSL/TLS is the technology used for securing and encrypting sensitive data as it travels between Nippon-Yasan.Com and the Payment Company Systems.

The use of TLS prevents man-in-the-middle attacks (MITM), which occur when bad actors secretly intercept and possibly modify sensitive user data and credentials via insecure networks.

Nippon-Yasan.Com NEVER STORE OR MONITOR Credit Card Information, all information is sent directly from the user browser to the Payment Company System.

What means those status: Payment accepted Payment process failed Payment pending?

Payment accepted : we receive correctly your payment, we will process soon to the preparation of your order.

Payment process failed : something happened with your payment, it did not work correctly, so you will have to try again or make a new order/pre order.

Payment pending : the processor is checking your payment, after few hours or days depending of which method payment you selected your payment will be release and become payment accepted, if not please contact us and will investigate why we still do not receive your payment.

4. Can you extend my payment deadline ?

Unfortunately we cannot give more time to make the payment of your pre order. 


5. Can I use a coupon / discount code when I making a new pre order/order ?

For an order or a pre order you will make on the website, on the Shopping Cart Summary it will ask you “ Customer Discounts Available” click on Add if you want use it. 

6. I received a request of extra shipping fee.

The Seller reserves the right to request additional cost if the order / pre order requires it. We will inform  you and give you the reasons for this additional cost.

Our system will calculate automatically the shipping fee for your country.We can send our products to all over the world!
Our system will calculate automatically the shipping fee for your country.We can send our products to all over the world!
Our system will calculate automatically the shipping fee for your country.


7. You ask me an ID verification, why?

We reserves the right to ask you for additional information in order to check the correspondence between the credit card used and  your identity. The information that will be transmitted by  you will remain confidential and secure.

If you refuse, we will understand, but we will cancel the transaction and the pre order / order legitimately.

8. Cancellation

Can I cancel my order/ pre order paid ?

Our orders are definitive. We do not accept cancellation for order already paid whatever will be the reason of the customer, it’s the same for pre order already paid

What about pre order not pay yet? 

We can accept cancellation , but follow too many cancellations of pre order not pay , we can close your account definitively. 

9. Can I return an order I do not want anymore?

Our orders are definitive so we do not accept the return. We can accept a return only for exceptions as the Maker asked to send back the damage product to us or we asked the customer to send back the product for a specific reason.

10. Shipping Information

Shipping method & insurance

Please refer to the shipping page : Delivery Information

Shipping estimate

Please refer to the shipping page: Delivery Information

Do you ship with Lithium Battery ?

Due for security reasons we are not authorized to ship battery. If you want more information and still want a product with battery to be ship, please contact us for more information.

Transi logistic method & VAT

Here all information: https://www.nippon-yasan.com/lang-en/content/34-Transi-logistic 


11. Problem with shipping

I have a problem with undelivered Order, could you help me?

If you did not receive your order, please come back to us soon as possible, and we will help you in this matter to find your parcel in case it’s possible, or open a claim with the shipping company if it’s necessary and if the delay to contact the shipping company did not expire( one year starting on the shipment’s date)

My parcel is lost, stole.

You have to contact us in this case and we will open an investigation with the shipping company If the shipping company conclude also your parcel has been stole or lost, a compensation will be made based on the insurance of your parcel 

My parcel has been sent back to the sender.

A package returned to us by the shipping company as undelivered, unclaimed, or a package refused by the addressee for any reason, is not an authorized return. 

The cost of shipping won’t be refund in the case of a package returned to us by the shipping company as undelivered, unclaimed, or a package refused by the addressee for any reason.

If your package has incurred freight charges for its return to us, the fee will be in less than a refund of the product or added in case of the payment of a new shipment.

If you want a new shipment, we will process to the shipment if we can, the shipping cost will be at your charge. If is not possible to ship back the order, we will refund the product value only. 


12. Problem with delivered order

My product arrived damaged.  

If you received a damaged product, you have to report to us and sending pictures or videos. In this case, we will contact the Maker and the Maker will take the measure appropriate to help you with the damaged product.

The box of my product arrived damaged.

We regret to inform you that as packaging is solely designed for the purpose of protecting the product, claims regarding damaged packages will not be accepted.

You send me the wrong product.

If you received a wrong product, you have to inform us immediately. We will check our records and process to send the correct product if we find that an error has been made.

You forget to send me a product.

If you finds that one or more products to your order is/are missing, you have to inform us immediately, so that we can proceed quickly to the correction of this or these forgetting (s).

13. What is the Japan post Tracking Status?


Your parcel has been pick up by the post office.

Arrival at outward office of exchange :

Your package arrive at the office in charge to ship at the international level.

Dispatch from outward office of exchange :

Your package has left Japan and is now in Transit (the next update will be when the package arrives in your country).

Arrival at inward office of exchange :

Your package arrive in your country's post office in charge of the international reception.

Dispatch from inward office of exchange :

Your package has been dispatch from your country's post office.

In Customs :

Your package is Held by the customs agent they will contact you to request more information if necessary.

Retention :

Your package is held at your local post office , you will need to go collect it.

Return to Sender :

Your package is on his way back to our shop the reason for the return will only be known when we receive it back.

Final Delivery :

Your package has been delivered at the final address.


14. Which warranty is applied to your products?

All products are under the warranty of the Maker.

15. Do I have to pay the customs?

Any order placed on the Site may be subject to taxes and customs duties that are imposed when the package reaches its destination. These customs duties and any taxes related to the delivery of an item are the responsibility of the Buyer.

16. What is your policy about Disputes & Chargeback?

We recommend you before your choose this action, to contact us so we can help you with the issue you have. We have a policy really strict regarding the disputes and chargeback, the account will be close definitively, all pre orders not pay will be cancel, and orders/pre orders paid will be ship.


17. After sales & promotions, can I still have the product with the same price?

Nippon-Yasan.Com are doing sales and promotions sometimes. You can have a discount for a product during this period. When the sales or promotions are finished, the product will go back to the normal price.

18. Can I request for a product is not on the website?

You can send us a message to ask us to find a specific product. We will do all our best to find the product(s) for a good price within reasonable limits.

19. How I receive the Digital delivery code?

The code for a prepaid card is send by email. You will have to check your email account to see the code.

20. What means pre order no more available?

When the pre order is no more available, it’s means, we cannot offer the product anymore. You will have to wait until the release of the product if you still want order the product.

21. Do you make a control of pre owned item?

Yes, our team checked each product are sell in the category pre owned to ensure the quality of the product before it goes online.

22. Could you send me more pictures than you have on the website?

All pictures of product are on the website, you have to check online if you want see the product, we do not send more pictures even if you ask for it.

23. Do you ship during the weekend?

As our office is closed during the weekend, we do not ship any parcel. 

Any order/ pre order made on Friday after 05:00 P.M (Japanese Time) will be processed on Monday. 


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